The “First Look” 👀
Why do grooms cry at the altar? 😭 What makes them emotional when they see their bride walking down the aisle?

Let me take you back to this very moment exactly 2 years ago from today and what was going through my head:

  1. She looks absolutely beautiful, she’s everything I’ve ever wanted. 👰🏽
  2. Things are happening and I’m scared as sh%t but why are there fireworks going off in my chest? 🎇
  3. The realisation that I have won, I’ve made it, my life is only going to get better from here! 🏆

I empathise a lot with our couples because I know the sacrifices it takes to make a relationship work and the wedding day isn’t even the pinnacle as it’s never ending if you want it to last. 🤔

The “First Look” 👀 for me was emotional because no matter how many times I had failed 🤦🏻‍♂️over the years she still walked towards me, stood beside me and knelt with me before God in front of all our closest friends & family so at that moment I knew I had made the best decision.👌

Each wedding we do, we get to live these moments again and again with our couples so I love the process & journey where I see them grow. – Chris Davidson, Founder of SAVVY Entertainment

11 years together & today married 2 years. I have never ever been more excited🤩, Blessed and driven for life with you.
Happy Anniversary Irene,
I Love you
XoOoXXxOX 💖 💍