FEATURE 🎥- ‘Marianne Fidel’ – Hair & Make Up Artist

So what does wedding Entertainment & Make Up have in common? Lets see…

Here is Marianne…

Marianne Fidel – Sydney Hair & Make Up Artist

I met Marianne and her husband Ben whilst helping them prepare for their wedding in 2017 were they booked us for their entertainment. I didn’t realise, however, that Marianne saw me at her cousin’s wedding years prior and even before she met Ben, she already picked her wedding DJ 😎😂.
Since then we have shared both our passion for our clients as well as our challenges in building a brand.
Just recently I had the pleasure of catching up with Marianne and it was great to share our stories from where we came from and what our plans were for the future. It was interesting to know that we had a similar career journey, both starting in the corporate world and now pursuing our own businesses in areas we are passionate about the most.
But it was the discussion about our values where our conversation became interesting…

Marianne in the Zone!

The Marianne Fidel MakeUp artist brand is really about bringing a holistic approach to beauty as she truly believes a person’s inner beauty is equally important as their outside.
She has spent the past few years helping her clients not just feel good for one day but to embrace the reality of their own beauty.
With the pressures of what is out there in social media and how it can often time put adverse pressures to our own self-esteem, I felt that Marianne’s vision and approach to her work are very inspirational.
A Makeup artist can be one of the first suppliers that a couple may see on their wedding day so being fun, vibrant and excited is key🔑 to setting the right mood to kick start their day.
“I’m all about creating a relaxed and happy vibe so I bring my portable speaker with me to every job. It’s funny because its often one detail that gets overlooked and they only realise once I start playing my music… After all, they do spend about 5 – 6 hrs with me right?” – Marianne 🤗

It’s no wonder many of her clients speak high praises of the attention to detail she takes for their wedding & being a recent bride she knows exactly how her clients feel.
Special mention to her husband Ben her biggest supporter! 💗

Ben & Marianne on their wedding day in July 2017

Follow Marianne at:

Web: www.mariannefidel.com

Instagram: @mariannefidel