Bendooley Estate – Berrima

Event Scope:

Event Run Sheet, Pro DJ 360 and absolute awesome vibes


I had the pleasure of connecting with the groom, Alex in August 2017 where he was looking for an experienced DJ that loved to play old skool RnB, funk and favourites of artists he loved like Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson. His exact words to me were ‘do you actually mix and blend the music?’ He wanted a DJ who could mix music seamlessly as he was a DJ in Sydney clubs years ago.

After a quick chat over the phone, I felt an instant connection with Alex and by the time we scheduled a catch up with him and Kiira at ‘Gloria Jeans’ Stanhope Gardens. I knew that these two were going to be great to work with.

Over the next 13 months, we were in regular contact by email, phone or Facebook where Alex would often send me some ideas of the vision they had for their wedding day.


As months led towards the wedding day, they had mentioned to me that they assigned a friend to MC and run their wedding reception. Normally during these conversations, I stressed to the couple the important role the MC has in keeping the time of the reception but the coordination involved across all vendors throughout the event. Still sceptical about their friend being their MC we arranged another catch up over coffee where I got to meet Simon, their MC and after five minutes I realised that he was a true professional. He was not only experienced in entertainment but like myself, really valued trying to understand what Alex and Kiira wanted for their day so I knew the reception was in good hands.


Sunday, August 26, 2018, will be a day I will always remember because it started off wet, rainy and windy and not what most couples would say is the ideal wedding weather conditions. But, I want to draw your attention to some of the photos that the talented Thomas Stewart captured that day. Despite the weather, the bride and groom, Alex and Kiira, were relaxed knowing that their day has finally come and they had planned as best they could with any contingencies if the weather became really bad.

Getting to know Alex and Kiira during the wedding process made me appreciate couples like them who take the time to not only set a vision and goal for their day but value the importance of being organized and prepared. The night continued with a lot of laughs and a few joyful tears with some great stories shared by their friends and family. As the night ended I had a quick chat with the beautiful couple and as I drove back to Sydney I realized how blessed I am to be part of these special milestones and to be able to build relationships with wedding couples who are now lifelong friends.



I recently got an exciting message from Alex the groom with a quick picture with the words ‘hey boss, surprise!’ I can’t wait to meet the new addition of their family who will arrive mid-2019.



Chris & Irene