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The SAVVY Venue Walkthrough – Albert Palais

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Event Run Sheet, Pro DJ 360, Savvy Junior Photo Booth, Event Host/MC and absolute awesome vibes

Marijoe & Chester Tactacan…#ONELIFEWITHMJ


“We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason” – Kathryn Perez.

We met Marijoe & Chester while we were setting up for a wedding at a venue and they were actually in a meeting with the sales consultant. They didn’t end up picking that venue (whoops!) but maybe by the background music I was playing (TLC/Old skool RnB) it led to the groom Chester walking back in to introduce himself to me with, “Hey I’m Chester and just wanted to know if you DJ exclusively with this venue or can you play at other places?”. After a friendly chat we exchanged numbers and I told them that they could follow us both on Instagram and Facebook to get a better idea of who we are and what we actually do. For me this is important because I would rather our couples get to know our team beforehand and if they like what they see then it makes the process a lot easier.

After a couple of weeks we scheduled a meeting and began the process of getting to know their vision, their experiences (both negative and positive) from weddings they have attended over the years together as well as areas in the process they were unsure of. They were at this stage still around 1.5 years before their Big day so I really wanted to get to know them better to ensure we were the right fit for each other.

After our first meeting I really fell in love with their story, with Chester being an entrepreneur (like myself) and building his businesses from the ground up. One Life Performance is his Personal training and exercise business that really focuses on helping people better their lives and The Succy Garden which is his love for Succulent plants aims to help spread his love for nature. With Marijoe being a nurse she resonated a lot with me as my wife Irene shares the same passion as her so instantly I connected with the both of them, as they care for others and their hearts are set on helping people. #winwin

Just Married!! 18.08.2018

Over the next 18 months we got to know each other better and were only a call, email or even a text away if we needed anything. Lucky for them they also attended a few weddings we did over that time where they saw the ‘SAVVY EXPERIENCE’ first hand. Once we got to their final catch up a month prior to their wedding we were well aware of what they wanted and how we were going to deliver it. Everything from how they wanted to lights on the night, the feel of the room and what we were going to do to create the atmosphere were all discussed across vendors and venue.

So the day finally came and our MC Kniles, our photo booth attendant Sarah and I made our way to the beautiful reception venue Albert Palais approximately 4 hours before guests arrived. This is our standard practise as we can ensure everything we are doing is on point and we get to liaise early with all the vendors and venue prior so that we are all on the same page and ready to go.

BUT…we encountered a situation that no one was expecting that almost ruined our whole 1.5 years of preparation.

So here’s what happened…The SAVVY team were bumping into the venue and we were directed to a lift that was normally for wheelchairs. We proceeded to load it with all our DJ, sound system and photo booth equipment but to our horror the lift decided to stop whilst only halfway up to the first floor. We tried desperately to get it working but no luck, “Damn!”. In panic we searched around for the venue managers and owners but they were out doing errands and the sweet lady that helped us did all she could to assist but we didn’t have a chance and everything we had was stuck in this lift.

Immediately, I called Raphael our backup team who was on stand by that day to prepare another system that was going to make it’s way to us within the hour. In my mind I really wanted to get the equipment stuck in the lift as we had prepared everything. I said to Kniles, “F#!K it bro I’m going to break the glass and I will pay for it later”. Luckily, Kniles is a smart guy and talked me out of it but with only a couple of hours now left before showtime I couldn’t wait for Raphael. Luckily, by fate the manager Avi came back to get something he had left in his office and came to our rescue.

The lift was restarted and we were able to get all our equipment out and we raced to get everything setup and ready. I will never forget how everything started to flow after this initial hiccup and I owe a lot of it to the preparation we had and the information provided on the run-sheet by the bride and groom in lead up to the day. Not only did the information help co-ordinate the day but it gave us the chance to connect with all the vendors and venue in case of a situation or emergency would arise. It is times like these you pray that your vendors have systems in place to cover and back up themselves to ensure we deliver on our promise to our couples. This proved that preparation was key!!

The reception was so fun! Led by MC Kniles Comafay he helped get the room excited and ready whilst preparing the vendors ahead of time of the formalities and key moments of the reception. I really enjoyed seeing Chester and Marijoe’s vision come to life and they along with their bridal party entered the room with such swagger and energy that they were ready to party right from the start. The bar was busy, people were laughing, dancing, having fun at the photo booth and the night just worked out perfectly. I was touched by the speeches and the moments they danced with their parents are times I love the most at weddings.

Collaborating along side some of our favourite vendors like Paper Cranes Productions is always a great experience. Working with the guys like Susanto where they think outside the box to create and capture key moments for their amazing videos is a treat to watch. It was the first time I have been asked in 16 years by a videographer to use my DJ turntable to film spinning wedding rings…it was very clever!

The night ended with our groom Chester on the stage with MC Kniles and myself saying, “I wish this night wasn’t going to end!”

Video master Susanto prepping the rings on DJ turntables
DJ Turntables for wedding rings?? … I Like!!

To Marijoe & Chester Tactacan … It was an absolute pleasure being part of your wedding day. Your story is inspiring and your love for others and life is really one we admire and adore of the both of you. Everything from the impromptu meet up to the preparations as well as the various moments during the night I will forever cherish as I do believe we were meant to cross paths. This journey has been up there with one of my favourites not just because I was able to be part of it but because I gained two amazing friends in the process who are just awesome humans.

Thank you once again from the SAVVY family…

Much love and blessings
Chris Davidson


Catch up with Chester a month after their wedding…now a happily married man Congrats!
Much love to team Marijoe & Chester #ONELIFEWITHMJ


Thank you =)

A-Team of amazing vendors:

Reception: Avi and Lina from Albert Palais Events
Stationery and wedding invitations designs: Arielle Joyce
On the day co ordinator: Chaz Olvina
Photography and videography: PAPER CRANES PRODUCTIONS
DJ: Chris SAVVY Entertainment
MC: Kniles Comafay SAVVY Entertainment
Photobooth: Sarah Comafay SAVVY Entertainment Hair and Make Up: Ysabel Artistry
Church flowers: Clementine Posy
Reception flowers and bridal bouquet: ElKhair Florist by Dina Kheir
Cake: Rhodora Frias Bumanglag
Cookie bonbonnieres: Elyse Maree
Succulent bonbonnieres: The Succy Garden
Welcome signs: Paper Twines
Table numbers: Signed by Row