Porteno Restaurant

Event Scope:

Ferrero hired our SAVVY Junior Open Photo Booth & SAVVY Pro DJ 360 that were accompanied by our expert attendants!

Event Highlight:

It’s always fun to be involved with corporate Christmas parties. Everyone is celebrating a long year of hard work and love for their company. Ferrero added some flavour to their event with Masquerade Great Gatsby dancers. They kicked off the party and before we knew it the dance floor and photo booth were going crazy with laughter and joy. Team the hype with the exquisite flavours of their Argentinian menu and you have yourself an amazing Company Christmas Party!

Event Challenge:

The venue for the Ferrero Christmas Party was on a split level. This meant we needed to position everything to keep the party guests engaged while ensuring our Pro DJ 360 & Junior Photo Booth were easily accessible. Additionally, we were given the task of keeping everyone inside and participating. That was achieved by positioning the dance floor and the Junior Photo Booth in the same room. To top it off, we collaborated with the live performers to boost the energy in the atmosphere. A solid SAVVY event!