Venue: The Epping Club

Event Scope:

Event Run Sheet, Pro DJ 360, Savvy Junior Photo Booth, Wedding Invites and absolute awesome vibes


If I was to pic two of the most photogenic and sweetest wedding couples we have ever been blessed to be a part of their journey then Mr & Mrs Andre & Jonna Le Fleur would be right up there- hands down!

Our journey began when the lovely bride Jonna reached out to me on the 21st of January 2017 with the good news that she was getting married and that she was looking for a DJ. At the time I was traveling overseas doing destination weddings so communication was at somewhat difficult. Once we had a chance to connect I remember asking her “so what venue did you book?” and to my surprise that at time they had not locked in their venue but wanted to ensure they had their DJ sorted early. “WOW!” I thought to myself, “this couple really values entertainment and having a great experience was high on their cards”. I soon found out that Jonna had experienced first hand of what we do when I was lucky enough to play for her sister Abbie and brother-in-law Christian’s wedding a couple of years prior. Thinking back at that wedding I remember it was fun and I already had a good idea that this one was going to be no different. For Jonna, having a great celebration was important so once I returned to Sydney we immediately scheduled in a catch-up.

We met for our first consultation in March 2017 and as I made my way to their place for what I thought was going to be a straightforward meeting I was warmly greeted by both Jonna & Andre with open arms and we had an immediate connection. I remember Jonna’s first few words to me was “Where’s Irene?” (my wife) hoping that both of us would join them along with their first baby (more on this later) Opie their beautiful Blue Staffy who kept us company.
From the start, I really got to know Jonna & Andre’s story, how they got together as well as the challenges they faced both as a couple as well as the pain points they were experiencing during wedding preparation. As I had gone through similar experiences during my own wedding preparation in 2016 I could really empathise with them and I really wanted them to not just enjoy their wedding day but also the process towards it. I believe the wedding journey is quite important as it allows you to really get to know each other through all the pressures of event planning and finances. Throughout the whole year we were in constant communication and over time I really got to understand the overall vision of their wedding day and what was important to them. We help organised the wedding invitations through Amit our graphics designer, Pro DJ360, Pro-Runsheet to help organise their day as well as our Savvy Junior photo booth to capture some of the fun memories of the night.

A few considerations we needed to realise that their wedding was on a Sunday so we needed to ensure the guests were well fed (thank you to the chefs at The Epping Club) but also well entertained as some may use their Monday work commitments as an excuse to leave the reception right after dessert. We tackled this by ensuring we understood their guests, their demographics, music tastes that were aligned with the couples and adding a Savvy Junior photo booth to their entertainment to keep them engaged throughout the reception was a great add-on. This all came through our consultations and getting to know the couple a lot more.

Sunday, January 28th, 2018 was a great day and the night was just beautiful. We worked hand in hand with the very organised Sunaina Goyal who was the wedding coordinator and stylist at The Epping Club as well as Robert from Two Peaches Photography who were both an absolute joy to work with.
I was very impressed with the maid of honor Abbie’s well prepared and heartfelt speech to her sister as well as the best man Ross’ clever and funny stories of the groom. But it was their parents’ speeches that really made me realise why these two were such a beautiful couple. Their love for their friends and family as well as the values they both share is a true testament to their upbringing and I was quite inspired by their journey. We proceeded to the beautiful father and daughter dance where they were happily singing to each other which is a moment they would cherish forever.
A standout for me was their wedding cake made by the talented Bard Can which was a 3 tier cake which had the top tier floating in the air, it was quite spectacular. We continued the night with a lot or Rnb music along with some of their favourite Damien Marley jams to open up their dancefloor where the night kicked off and the dancing never stopped.

Just a couple of weeks after their wedding we were so blessed to be personally visited by one of our favourite wedding couples ever!! Congratulations once again on tying the knot and for your kind and thoughtful gifts you brought us…love you guys and looking forward to seeing the proposal spot BUT we want to wish you both all the best with the new addition to your beautiful family with the birth of your baby boy Solomon “Solly” Le Fleur on the 26th November 2018. You are both such wonderful and caring people and we will know you will be even greater parents.

Much love
Chris & Irene Davidson