Venue: Dockside

The SAVVY Venue Walkthrough – Dockside

Event Scope:

Event Run Sheet, Pro DJ 360, Savvy Junior Photo Booth, Event Host/MC and absolute awesome vibes

Cheeky, Fun & ‘In-Love’ – Photo credit: The Perfect Grey Photography


Cheeky, fun and ‘In love’ are just a few things that come to mind when I think about these two beautiful souls. I met Michael & Xy-Za one evening in November 2017 at the busy Max Brenner Parramatta and at the time I was running quite late to our catch up but once I arrived it didn’t take long for us to connect as we realised we had quite a number of mutual friends and a similar taste in music (old school R&B/Hip hop).

As usual, I normally begin with understanding where in the wedding process they were at and what some of their overall goals were when their big day finally arrived. The overall vision they had was to have all their close friends and family there together and really wanted to have a night of fun, one that ran-smoothly whilst ensuring various parts of their wedding really represented who they are as a couple. I can normally understand what a couple wants once I get them to highlight approximately 3 things they loved as well as disliked in their experience of attending weddings.

Michael (Groom) & Xy-Za (Bride) having our final catch up with Chris (me) & MC Gez Perez

Michael & Xy-Za definitely had a lot to prepare for and with just under 11 months we needed to ensure they were positioned correctly to ensure they were going to execute a successful wedding. I highlighted the importance of assigning them a professional wedding MC to help run the night and after getting to know them better I reached out to one of the MCs in our group Gez Perez as I felt he would be perfect in connecting with them and co-ordinating all the vendors and guests to create the reception these two always wanted.

Throughout the wedding journey Michael will often message me asking for a couple of tips or advice. Being a recent groom I could empathise with him and I really started to realise how much he wanted the day to be perfect for his future wife. Michael is by far one of the funniest grooms I have ever had a chance to work with and he didn’t hesitate in sharing some of his pain points as well as his gym regime as we got to know more about each other.

Xy-Za is such a sweet person who you can tell really loves both Michael and her family. During our second consultation along with MC Gez we were able to get them to open up and share more about how they became a couple. It has to be the funniest story we have ever heard from the mystery dates to Passionflower ice cream shop to the sneaky prank calls Michael made in order to speak with her we spent about 45mins just laughing.

One of my favourite snaps of the bride… She’s the “boss” 🙂 – Photo credit: The Perfect Grey Photography

Michael had the opportunity to re-share this during his wedding speech and I could only look at the beautiful bride as she starred with both love and embarrassment at her husband. Michael was very nervous but as he prepared a well thought out speech I was so proud of how well he did while keeping him to only a couple of short smoke breaks to ease his nerves.

When their reception finally came it was actually one of the busiest days of our year and being a Friday in Sydney CBD the traffic was not kind to us but as a team we co-ordinated well to ensure we setup nice and early. I will always remember when the bride and groom arrived with their bridal party, nice and early and more importantly relaxed and ready to celebrate. I really believe that their willingness to learn about how to create a smooth and stress free wedding during our consultation assisted them. We gave them tasks to do and they executed everything to a “T” whilst always keeping in mind what was important to them. Their attention to detail especially when completing out our Event Run Sheet helped everyone including vendor’s focus on each of our tasks and with a professional MC like Gez on board it was only a recipe for success.

Bride in her element 😉 – Photo credit: The Perfect Grey Photography

These two are easily one of my favourite couples of 2018 because of their commitment in doing everything they can to learn about the wedding process, as they really wanted their closest friends and family to have an amazing night.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Michael & Xy-Za Fernandez for allowing us to be part of this journey. It’s because of couples like you that helps keep the fire inside of me alive and inspired to continue to love what we do each and every day.

Much love and blessings
Chris Davidson


“You guys are legends! Like super legends!

The day was so much fun for us and for all the guests, exactly what we wanted and all thanks to your advice 😁 we’re so lucky to have had you guys be part of our wedding day! Cannot thank you enough!” – Xy-Za

A-Team of amazing vendors:

Church: Holy Name of Mary

Celebrant: Fr John Paul Escarlan

Ceremony Music: Meg Lijauco Music

Church Coordinator: Anne Zara Festejo

Make Up: Carel Khairo Hair & Makeup Artist

Hair: Kay Del Rosario Hair & Makeup Artist

Reception: Bianca Livirizzi – Dockside Group

Photography: Perfect Grey Photography

Florist/Decorator: Designs by Monrae

Cake: Cake Salon




Wedding Stationary & Candles: Iverson & Co.

Car hire: Revel Drive