Nestle Australia

Event Scope:

SAVVY Senior Mirror Booth
SAVVY Junior Open Photo Booth

Event Highlight:

With over 800 staff across three floors, Nestle’s event was definitely one that brought a lot of like-minded people together. We had to ensure everyone could get involved and interact with both our photo booths during the event. We had our Senior Mirror Booth on the ground floor which added to the event’s first impression and our Junior Open Photo Booth on the first floor to add to the wow factor of the event.

Collaborating with a Silent Disco was definitely the highlight of this event for us. It’s when the guests listened to the DJ via headphones so not to disturb the rest of the event and its program.

Event Challenge:

Nestle has recently finished a renovation project and wanted to thank their staff for their patience and understanding through the process. Now that’s a fabulous way to say thank you and boost team morale! This meant we wanted to do everything we could to ensure guests were engaged and having a ball.

With all the vendors involved, along with the Nestle team, we put on a variety of interactive activities on all three floors. The key to the success of the event was regular communication between the organising team and vendors throughout the event. This allowed us to solve problems on the go and ensure the event ran smoothly and efficiently.

The guests were looked after amazingly with lots of food, beverages and fun memories to take home. In addition, all the guests that interacted with our photo booths shared their amazing memories direct to social media, email and the good old photo booth prints. To top it all off, we provided two SAVVY staff members with each photo booth on both levels which took care of all the guests and the excitement that came with it.

Here’s a sneak peek into the fun event!